No matter how beautiful, confident, or mature I can feel at times, I always feel the lingering presence of a scared and sad adolescent girl. She’s like a ghost that embodies negative qualities and habits I once harbored, haunting me with reminders of their survivng presence. I don’t quite know what to do with her, would it be better to accept her existence and continue on as a haunted being? I have to admit that I believe she humbles my manner to a degree, but at the cost of being hindered by frequent uneasiness. Or perhaps it would be best to host some sort of exorcism to rid this ghost from me completely? Going about this matter is certainly easier said than done but at this point some sort of action needs to be executed.

Soul Goals

Last night I constructed a list of “Soul Goals”. This list basically consisted of problems present in my life that need to be addressed. People I want to make peace with, deplorable qualities of my character that I want to be rid of, and skills I want to obtain and/or heighten were all on this list. I am just trying to be the very best person I can possibly be, but it is more often than not my own faults obstructing my path. Also, as I am writing this I am now noticing the lack of material items on this list. Coincidence? I really think not…

Rather Discouraging.

Post artwork on Facebook = ~20 likes

Post selfie on Facebook = ~60 likes

*le sigh*


That moment when you realize that the people asking how you’re going to make a living as an artist are the same people asking that you create artwork for them for free….


Caffeine evokes the strangest reactions in me. Strange, but not entirely bad. Usually it’s productive bliss followed delirious sentimentality.